Our Story

How MoonSmith was born

After 10 years running our wedding stationery business, we entered 2020 with huge plans and then the pandemic hit, weddings were banned and we watched helplessly as our wedding business crumbled away. In those stressful months whilst figuring out our next steps we used home fragrance as a means to relax and started making our own. We realised it was hard to get a large variety of scents in eco friendly but luxe packaging so used our design and print know how to develop our own paper packaging. A few months later we took the next step to launch MoonSmith and a year later here we are. Excited for what's to come. We're still running the wedding business too and working to build everything up after one heck of a year! Thank you for being part of the journey.


We hand make all of our melts and candles here in West Yorkshire using the finest ingredients.


We are a family run business in Cleckheaton West Yorkshire. Set up by Sue & Chris Smith (hence the name). We also have the help of our wonderful parents who help us with the business and also watch over our little ones.

Scent Therapy

It is vital in any times, but especially these stressful times to take care of our mental wellbeing, to create little moments of joy and relaxation during each day. We benefit so much from the relaxation scent in our home gives us, and the aim of MoonSmith is to give that same joy and experience to you.