MoonSmith Values

When we created MoonSmith we realised we had choices to make, about the products we made, the way we ran our business and the impact we create. We have a core set of values that are vitally important to us. So that we bring you gorgeous long lasting scent, gorgeously packaged and ethically made.

Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution as one of the biggest environment issues in todays world. At MoonSmith we work tirelessly to make sure our packaging used as little plastic packaging as possible. We explored using PLA (plant plastic) but that is not easily composted locally yet. We know some much plastic waste will end up in landfill even if it is recycleable so for now, we want to be part of a solution and eliminate as much plastic from our products as possible.


At MoonSmith HQ we recycle as much as possible. If you ever receive a parcel from us containing bubble wrap or plastic air bags, they are recycled from the supplies we receive in. Nothing should go to waste needlessly.


We made changes all through MoonSmith to make as much as possible biodegradable, from our paper packaging (should it end up in landfill) to our packing peanuts which will dissolve under running water. The waxes we use are biodegradable too.

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Child Labour

Mica is a shimmer used in many industries including make up and of course wax melts. When developing our wax melts we learnt that much of the worlds Mica does not follow ethical supply chains. It's estimated that 22,000 children work in mica mines in India, risking their safety and health daily. We only used synthetic mica or Mica sourced ethically.


It's really important to us as people and as a brand to create products in a way that creates minimal negative impact on the world. Our pledge is to keep learning and developing new ways in which we can improve packaging, and our product, and to create an environment at MoonSmith that is positive and constructive for mental health too.


We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest quality waxes and oils for our products. High quality beautiful containers and beautiful papers for our melt wraps and packaging so that you know you are experiencing or gifting something made with care and attention. We pride ourselves on creating an special experience for you with everything we create.

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