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We are often asked for information on ettiquette, who invites the guests, do you have to keep with tradition. Modern invitations can reflect you and your personalities as a couple rather than keeping with tradition but it's what you feel comfortable with that matters. Below is some information on what to generally include or not include in your invitation.
Who invites the guests?
Traditionally the brides parents host and pay for the wedding, the text commonly begins with the names of the bride's parents as they use them in formal social contexts, e.g., "Mr. and Mrs. Peter M Smith" or "Dr. Hilda Robbins and Mr. Mark Robbins". With modern weddings you as a couple may be paying for the wedding completely yourselves or both sets of parents may be contributing in which case you may like the invitation wording to reflect this. You do not have to keep with tradition if it is not right for your circumstances.
Setting the right tone!
Your invitations can be worded in a very formal traditional way or a fun relaxed way. You may want to consider how your wording matches your big day and you as a couple. If you are having a very formal wedding and elegant reception then your wording and font choices can reflect this with ornate scripty fonts and muted colours and the same with a more relaxed style, you can play around with the colours more, have bolder modern typefaces. It's the first taste of your wedding many guests recieve and so can set the theme.
Information you need for your invitations

Your Wedding date, time and place
Wedding Reception venue and timings
Parent’s names / Name of hosts
Full names of the bride and groom (including middle names)
Address to which guests must reply

Other invitation info you may wish to include

Dress code
Finish time
If children are invited. If they aren't it's a good idea to be polite but very clear about this.
Maps and directions to the venue and reception
A list of nearby hotels and their prices, we recommend having one as a budget option
Gift list

Wording Examples

Example 1:

Mr. and Mrs. James Barker
request the pleasure
of the company of
at the marriage of their daughter
Sofia Mae
Mr. Andrew Peter Bennett
at St. Alfred's Church, CLeckheaton,
on Saturday 23rd August 2014
at 1 'o'clock
and afterwards at
Oakwell Hall, Birstall


Example 2:

Sofia Mae Barker
Andrew Peter Bennett
would love
to join them
at their marriage
at St. Alfred's Church, CLeckheaton,
on Saturday 23rd August 2014
at 1 'o'clock
a reception will follow
at Woodlands, Leeds

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