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We all know that weddings can be an expensive business and costs can spiral out of control if we aren't careful. At Bruski & Bunns we believe wedding stationery is important as it's the first part of your wedding many guests see, it gets them excited, makes it official, but we want people of all budgets to be able to have our stationery so below are a few options that may help cut costs.

Our different invitation prices

Our invitations are all diffent prices depending on the level of detail and embelishment in the design. If you are on a budget then our more print based designs like 'Indy', 'Esme' & 'Lirael' may be suitable as they have a lovely impact, can be made to match any colour scheme but are our lowest price invitation.

All our invitation designs are available as postcards, folded cards, pocket folds, cheque book invitations & more. Folded cards & single sheet postcard styles are the cheapest options. You can use any space on the invitation for extra printed information you may need rather than having to buy seperate inserts.

Cheaper Invitation options for evening guests

A lot of our brides choose to have a special invitation for the day invitations and then a cheaper option for the evening invitations, especially as there are quite often a large qty needed.

Most popular with our brides is to have a single sheet card for the evening guests, quite often with a print only design, these single sheet cards can tie in with the day invitations but are much cheaper. Prices start from £1 each with envelope, added details can be added at a small extra charge, ask for more information. Don't forget you can have these lower cost cards for your day invitations too.

10% discount for tying your own ribbons

With some of our designs the ribbons can be tied by you at home. If you are confident with this and would like to do it yourself then a 10% discount will be applied to your order. Designs that this applies to are Celestia, Elodie & Fiona.

Please note, with this option, enough ribbon will be supplied to complete the invitations with some spare for practice however you will need to be careful to not waste ribbon as there would be a charge for extra ribbon needed.


Discounts & Saving money

If you like a particular design but would like some information on how to make it cheaper then get in touch. It may be that you can have the design with a lower cost embelishment or without Swarovski crystals to bring the price within your budget.

If you are ordering a large qty of invitations or if your are having reception stationery from us then a discount may be available to you. Get in touch for more information.

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